1. Lorem Ipsum Just Got Fun

    Perosnally, I have always hated Lorem Ipsum. Of course it helps you get a better idea of what actual text might look at but it still is just a bunch of gibberish (to most people)

    In comes Picksum Ipsum, a text generator that uses scripts from classic movies. Pick your favorite actor and number of paragraphs you need and you know have some bonafide stand-in content that is as fun to read as it is to look at.

  2. 14:56 10th Apr 2013

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    Sunset at piazza del Michelangelo. This city is truly magnificent. The food, the people, the architecture, the history. So many things contribute to its energy and power.

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    Sometimes you just gotta run away

    Sometimes you just gotta run away

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    What you see is not always what you get.

    What you see is not always what you get.

  5. 13:58 9th Jan 2012

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    this is what I gave my mom for xmas

    this is what I gave my mom for xmas

  6. Another wonderfull work from the french animation’s school : “the Gobelins”

  7. The cult director branches further into the world of music with this satisfying slice of electro-pop. Christmas No 1, anybody?

  8. this makes me happy.

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    da trufe

    da trufe

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    Stay Creative.

  11. my song to me today.

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    Swoon changed my life.

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  15. invisble said: Uh, why aren't you tumblr famous??

    Because I’m trying to keep it low key.